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We hear lots of heartbreaking stories about what is happening in the middle east. This past week, when I met with historic preservation leaders and artists from all around the middle east, I learned about the strides that, despite nearly impossible odds, the people of these countries are making to preserve their national heritage. Here's some of what I learned:

Despite deep cultural and political unrest, Syria is poised to open 30 new national parks in the next year.

In Jordan, when adobe mud bricks are deemed unusable due to age and deterioration, they are crushed, and used to supplement the geologic makeup of agricultural fields so the fields continue to produce.
The National Museum of Iraq has been restored and will be opening with more than 20 galleries like this in the next few months!

Here's hoping this is a little dose of inspiration. In these challenging times, we must work harder, longer, and against incredible circumstances to accomplish good works. The people of the middle east have persevered. So too may we.