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I fell in love with legendary English designer Paul Smith's photography when I saw myself in it...
I was watching the Sundance Channel and Grey Goose Entertainment's Iconocasts: Jamie Oliver and Paul Smith .
I love taking photos. Actually, the doctor who discovered that I was going blind and tried to stop it suggested that I do it. He told me that I needed to start taking photos so I could "burn those ideas into my memory" for when I couldn't see anymore - that way I could remember. It's kindof an awesome sentiment, even if a tad romantic, I think.
Lucky me, 10 years later, I am part blind... but I can still see. And I love telling stories in photos. I think that's why I love Paul Smith's photos. They do too - tell stories. Plus, he's like the reverse version of me... All my designing is just starting to form where his has already been perfected. Of course he's an awesome example to model oneself after!
His photography is more of a journal of sorts... I LOVE this! and I'm using him for inspiration!!!!
Here's MY journal from the past few days:

Thanks Paul, wherever you are. You are totally awesome. I hope I can come absorb your awesome in person someday.
Love, Rachel