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I have wanted to paint for most of my life. But it wasn't "a sound business strategy," at least in the way I was raised. Last year, I finally decided to start painting. And this year, I'm making a commitment to participate in any public painting call that I can. Especially for non-profit fundraising projects. As an excuse to practice what I've always longed to do. I had no idea my paintings would come with a style, but evidently I have one... that involves tiny dots. Because my first painting in 22 years, an owl I did last summer, was covered in them. And these are too.

Over the past 3 weeks I've been making tiny 2" x 3" paintings for Albuquerque's Harwood Art Center's Tete a Tete trading cards, an international Women in Creativity month event .

I FINALLY finished this weekend.

Here are my entries. 10 of which will be traded with other artists from around the world, and one of which will be auctioned to raise money for the Harwood.

These are all based on the Goddess Tarot's first 13 cards (minus XII: Compassion, which I have yet to do). The meaning of each card is captioned beneath.

I. Magic
this one went to my newly discovered biological sister in Texas.

II. Wisdom

III. Fertility

IV. Power

V. Tradition

VI. Love

VII. Movement

VIII. Justice

IX. Contemplation
X. Fortune
XI. Strength

I got the most awesome note from the recipioent of this card. She wrote, 

"Hi, Rachel, I'm the lucky recipient of your beautiful artist trading card titled, "Card XI. Strength." Just wanted to let you know how gorgeous I think it is and that it has special meaning for me at this particular time in my life! Thank you. 
Cheers, Nancy"
XIII. Transformation