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On 10:30 AM by Rachel Preston Prinz in
It's a cool article in ArchDaily. Don't get me wrong. But the architecture they chose to use to support it, makes me want to vomit in my mouth a little.
What can I possibly be saying here?
What about this space isn't cool?
It's awesome, as far as design itself goes. Sortof. It's exciting, anyway.
But what is holding this structure up? How does the "building" WORK? Why are books, which are inherently square, sitting on an angled shelf? Is that sustainable since the books will eventually deform and tend to fall over on the day-to-day??
To use this many materials to accomplish any building project is to waste... and waste ALOT.
This is exactly what critics rail against when they complain of architect's gigantic egos. In one fell swoop, we've silently taught the users of this space that form overrules function, sculpture overrules good design, and endorsed the wasteful use of materials.
I think... This is architecture for the spoiled.
What do you think?