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Written in an email this morning:

I've been trying to figure out who I am now.
Why everything I worked for no longer suits me.
How doors opened that grew me despite myself.
And the only thing I know for sure anymore is...

My purpose in this world is to use what I know about architecture and design to empower people so they can make changes to make their lives better.

And, now... I'm doing it through storytelling. I've done two TEDx talks. Two Pecha Kucha talks. 40 plus others. Interviewed in radio, tv, articles, documentaries... I've even been written about in three books on confidence and leadership. I have my own tv show in the works and hope to have finished by the end of the year. My first documentary is in editing right now. I'm hosting an international sustainability institute in two weeks! Front and center on the stage for 4 days! I'm not afraid of being in the spotlight. Or, rather, I am {terrified}, but I DO IT ANYWAY!

I KNOW that what I know can help people create a space around them that they love to be in. I know I can help them wake up every day happier and go to work every day and feel more capable.
I can save them money on bills and I can help them grow their own food. I can put the power to do those things in their hands and give them tips and tricks to make it easier and more affordable and less scary and more empowering.

I can help people dream their ideal lives into being
through helping them create spaces they love to grow in.

I have a plan. A Big Audacious plan! Two books in the works, the tv show to finish... and this is just local and for the next little bit. Then I want to do other regions, and then... other countries and every continent! it's a BIG plan!

I want to be a modern day super cool Martha Stewart who talks about doable, radical sustainability and beauty, and have lots of income streams that stem from great ideas and strategic partnering, and that help people feel AWESOME about themselves so they can shine.

I have fashion lines (for real gals) I want to do. Housewares. Furnishings. Jewelry. I want to partner with the biggest and baddest designers around and grow all of our ideas. I love to collaborate! And I'm not as attached to being right as to growing.

Well, now isn't that a great place to start?!?!

What do you want to do? What is your heart's desire?
I found mine through working The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. Maybe you can start there too. 
Love, R