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Thursday, September 4, 2014

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I walked toward the Kimo with my hands sweating and suddenly quite nervous, as the gravity of this moment fell upon me like a sudden, soaking, summer rain. It hadn't occurred to me that this was the first time EVER. But then, there I was, and, if we were chosen by the editing teams, this would be the MOMENT. The one that could never ever happen again. The one I wouldn't forget for my entire life.  IF I made the cut.

You see, late in 2012, I started down a new path on the journey that is my career. No longer satisfied with architecture for the 2% (2% of people use architects for the design of their spaces. 98% don't.) I wanted to take architecture to the People. I wanted to make the world better, in the only way I felt I could make a legitimate contribution. So I started learning about film and television in ABQ's UPublic Producer's Training Program so I could share what I know about architecture with EVERYONE. To learn, I started filming the events I attended, and it taught me ALOT. (I'm kindof a cultural junkie.) And some of the things I got on film were some of the best events in New Mexico!

Then, a few months back, I got an email. A nondescript thing, it asked for films that described LIFE IN NEW MEXICO for a project that the NM Tourism and NM Film Foundation had cooked up to show the world the New Mexico we know, as it is seen by OUR people.

I thought about all the things I had on film and submitted a few videos, almost on a lark, thinking how cool it would be if a couple made it to the final edits.

Evidently, it was TIME. As I watched the first film of 8 in the sneak preview last weekend, everything changed forever. Because in the very first moments of the very first film (my fave, a compilation called Dawn to Dusk, by awesome editor Chris Paul from ABQ)... and there was MY work. For the first time EVER on a big screen! And it was the KIMO!!! I very nearly fainted between moments of laughter, awe, and trying to hold back tears of joy as each film came up and played and there was my film... again and again.

And now, you too can see the films on a big screen in your own area! Screenings will be held throughout the state on Sept 20 and 21!!! Here's the link to the listing!

I'm super excited to get to share MY New Mexico with the world! Sites I shot that were used included the White Sands Balloon Invitational, White Sands National Park, Zozobra, Muertos y Marigolds, the Biopark's River of Lights, the Chinese Cultural Festival in ABQ, and the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge!

What fun to get to see my work on the big screen for the first time ever, right before I finish my first documentary.

Thank you +Dirk Norris and @AnneStirling for putting this together, allowing me to participate, and for giving me the gift of my FIRST TIME! Love to you and thank you for all you do to help NM Film shine!!! I'm honored to get to play along.

And here are the original versions of my vids that were used in the projects!