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Some months ago, I went to an AMAZING presentation by the Pimentel family about their extraordinary inlaid guitars made here in New Mexico by their family. The presentation was at the small church across from the Casa San Ysidro historic site in Corrales, part of the ABQ Museum. (They put on excellent monthly events, by the way.)

I just found the photos from that presentation, and they were so awesome I just had to share!

The Pimentel's ancestors came from Mexico in the 1950s, through Carlsbad and then finally arriving here in Albuquerque. There are 9 brothers and three sisters.

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Cool Fact: The Pimentel brothers make their own chisels!

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The woods used are tonal. Spruces, which are used on the top of the guitar are more trebelly... and the rosewoods or mahoganies used on sides and back project more bass.

Cool Fact: The cutaways at the top of the neck/guitar intersection are for reaching rare notes located low on the strings.
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The Pimentels age their woods for at least 15 years!!! Some woods are aged as much as 40 years!

One of the brothers mentioned that MATH is the hardest part of building the guitar.
They model their process on Stradivarius. Everything is hand crafted.

Said one brother, "We create guitars from our soul to yours."
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Bone and fossilized ivory offers the   best tone for inlay. Turquoise can only be cut by hand, hence why they are one of the only companies in the world doing it. Their frets are 80/20 nickel silver.
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The Dreamcatcher model is for an acoustic/electric transition.

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Cool Fact: it takes the Pimentels about 45 days to make a guitar. That means there is up to a four year waiting list!
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