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Sharing some of the internship assignments we give all our interns...

If you have not done so already, go to LinkedIn and start your professional profile.

Develop a bio (500 words or less). Keep this updated as your skillset evolves. I recommend setting a google calendar alarm to remind you to do this every 60-90 days. (Once you get further along in your career, you can do this review every 6 months or so.) Get feedback from your peers and mentors for edits that will help you showcase your talents more effectively.

Get a good headshot and upload to your profile.

Follow these tips to make your LinkedIn Profile shine!

Connect with us on LinkedIn to show us your work!

Join LinkedIn groups that focus on your interests. Spend 1 hour a week, or even just 10 minutes a day, reviewing notes from your groups. Comment. Participate. This will help you to build your expertise and build relationships. Networking brings opportunities. This is a good time to plug participation in professional organizations... AIA is a great organization, and there are others. If you go, you will grow!

Build an online version of your resume/CV and portfolio. Link that to your LinkedIn Profile.


Check out what my friend Mark did to his resume on Pinterest! AWESOME!!!
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