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Sharing some of the internship assignments we give all our interns...

I"m not going to teach you great hand lettering here. I'm going to help you get to the point where you can write something and give it to your boss, and s/he doesn't look at it and glare at you.

That is all.

First step: get graph paper at 4 (challenge round!) or 5 (easier) grids per inch.
Then: Start writing your ABCs, in capital letters.
Fill as much of the box as you can with each letter.


...again and again...
til you don't have to try very hard anymore

Do this AT LEAST 25 times. No, make that 50 times.
Start in pencil if you need to. Do at least half in pen.

When you are comfortable writing writing box letters... writing in a state of ease...
choose one of the quotes on this page of quotes of and about architecture's finest,
then arrange it vertically and centered, with no more than four words per line... so it looks like this:

The mother art

is architecture

Without an architecture

of our own

we have no soul...
- Frank Lloyd Wright

Now write that on the grid paper.

(how about that math to get it centered?!)

Then, do it without the grid.

Trace if you have to. But repeat until you don't have to trace anymore.
Or til it becomes beautiful.

Scan it into your computer.

Send that here.