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I recently received a gifted audiobook from a dear friend and successful indie author.

In the process of clearing out my office for a fresh start to the new year, I decided to upload the CDs to my hard drive so I can put them on my iphone to have with me to listen to while I travel, as it's looking like 2016 is going to be busy busy.

And I came upon the single most frustrating thing I have found in using audiobooks:
The CDs were not formatted with author information, book ttitle, genres, or CD number.
So I got to sort out which was which.
It takes a fair amount of time to do this. Time I didn't want to lose - I'm too excited to "read" the actual book!

So my first writing tip of 2016 is this: If you do an audio version of your book, FORMAT THE CDs. And upload yourself to online databases like itunes so it updates any changes in the description you may make at a later date.

Hope this helps!