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On 8:39 PM by Rachel Preston Prinz

It was the grand opening of a new basement gastropub. After the election, a lot of us had been shellshocked, and it was the first time many were venturing out. 

A middle-aged entrepreneur named David sat down next to me, after I scooted into an empty slot so he could sit with his friends. I offered him a taste of my French onion soup as he told me stories of all the renovations he was doing to his various properties. Eventually, he confessed that his girlfriend had broken up with him a month before because she had gone to a Tony Robbins weekend, and when she came back, she wouldn't return his phone calls. 

I couldn't bear to tell him... that's exactly what had happened to me, only I had lost interest in my relationship once I figured out that it was one of the things draining me (while I was doing the work from a Tony Robbins book), so I was the bad guy in the scenario. That's why I was alone there drinking hard cider and eating French onion soup. But oh, was it ever so good.