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This article from a team trainer made me think. I've been wanting to integrate team grading into my classes. Because frankly, some people do all the work and get none of the credit, and that... I think... is one of the problems with architects today. The people who can spin the best yarn get credit for being the best designers, when in fact, they are not.

The article talks about guys and gals in team situations but for me its an interesting look into teams in general. I've found alot of what is said here to be true in my 15 years in the architecture profession.

Are you a good team player? Are you described as:
  • "Prompt in attendance at team meetings"
  • "Delivered agreed-upon parts of project in a complete fashion"
  • "Met deadlines"
  • "Volunteered appropriately during team meetings when tasks need to be accomplished"
  • "Pulled fair share with regard to overall workload"
  • "Showed enthusiastic and positive attitude about team activities and fellow team members"
If not, you might get something from this...
If so, come take one of my vernacular architecture classes! ; )