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So after A-school, I thought I was pretty good at giving presentations. Little did I know, I had a LOT to learn. One of the best sources I have had for becoming a better speaker was preparing for my talk at TEDxABQ. 
One of the organizers and head cheerleader for all the speakers at TEDxABQ is a girl named Carrie Williar. Her vision and voice are so trusted to me now that she's now one of my dearest friends. Part of what made her stand out SO much, was how much she would give of her time and energy to make us much better speakers.  When TEDxABQ was done, I asked her to put together her speaker training materials so I could share them with you. Check out her blog and the videos she's posted!! Watch TED talks whenever you can. I promise, you'll be a great and engaging speaker when you are done!