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For those that have yet to see the piece I am featured in on NMPBS' Colores! about Alexander Girard, you may be surprised to find that I am actually a fan of Mid-Century Modern Architecture! my friends Molly and Scott took me to this awesome little neighborhood in Denver a few months back thats ALL Usonian houses! SO SO cute!
What's Usonian?
Challenge time! Let's see if I can do this in two sentences or less!
Usonian is a Frank Lloyd Wright idea of integrating man and nature in a simple, ranchette-ish home that has no attic and no basement and very little ornamentation. It was a response to the Great Depression to give people great little affordable homes that they would LOVE to live in! The horizontal emphasis is something it also shares with the International and Prairie Styles.
Good enough? hope so! ; )
I love the landscaping and fences and tiny details in this neighborhood!