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People ask me all the time how I take such great photos, and I have to tell you - it's a few things anyone can manage...
  • have a good camera you love to use and know well
  • take every photo you can. you aren't taking enough if you don't have your camera on you at all times, and your friends don't start laughing and saying "there s/he goes again" the minute you reach for it.
  • take photos at daybreak and the end of the day. watch the lighting. Master this and you can handle anything. And daylight photos will be super easy.
  • always focus on the darkest part of what you want to frame. The light will work for that and the rest will follow.
  • did I mention practice?
  • use the 9 part grid that is a setting on every digital camera these days to teach yourself to line your shot up on the lines. you'll learn great framing in no time.

Okay, I hope these tips and tricks help!