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On 1:14 PM by Rachel Preston Prinz in
Can you tell me what's wrong with this photo?

Hint: look at the window.
No the lower half of the jambs and sill are not painted white. They are bleached white. That comes from the irrigation sprinklers spraying water onto the windows. Which then gets parched from the sun. This causes differential aging of the top and bottom of the window. This is a BAD thing if you are trying to keep the heat or cool out, or maintain your home with minimal effort. It also suggests that you might be getting water infiltration of the adobe and the foundation. Another thing it's better to avoid. In these situations, change the direction and/or throw of your sprinklers so they do not spray on the building, or plan for a regular 6 month application of new oils on the wood on the windows. That won't keep the foundation damage from occurring, but it will buy you a little more time on your window's life.