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On 8:00 AM by Rachel Preston Prinz in
Cat darkened with desertness
And so have I
Thick skin now folded
Dark with age lines from learning

Georgia got old here

It seems we all do these days

This is my New Mexico
harsh with light
and desiccation
My hands and feet seek solace
in springs and soft green grass
Leaves so tender they don't cut my parched skin
Mother Earth
Mother moon
Father sky
Father sun
Children and muses and christs
and masked Indians
and me
all singing ancient songs
that transcend time and place
songs to the stars and ancestors and
everything you could wish to believe in

life is sacred here
and harsh
and light

And there are flowers smaller than your fingernail
Waiting to be discovered
Living in moments in the desert

Don't say she's barren

She's resplendent

If you just take a moment
and breathe her in

You might remember the miracle we all are

Living on the edge brings a lively awareness that way