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On 3:51 PM by Rachel Preston Prinz in
(whispers, because I don't know if I can say this any louder than the sound of cloud passing by...)

my true nature is luminous
erupting in diamond encrusted flares
like a jewel encased star gone supernova

I know that I am made of light
the only time I ever doubt
the only time I question
is when I listen to those those slithering seething sounds of doubt
the world whispers to me

you are not enough
I believe that sometimes,
and then I remember that the world is sick, twisted, dark, lonely, fearful

And I, none of those things
my soul soars
is afraid of nothing, noone
it is blindly ignorant of everything that I'm supposed to care about
and listens instead to the unspoken between the spaces we fill with words
and acts on that.
Maybe foolishly, it whole+heartedly believes
that I
and we
are capable of almost anything
when we agree to believe
to the best of our unique ability
And of all of the things that I know that I know
I know most that there are no two things that will ever be the same
and that I can never ever really know
well, anything
I revel in opportunity, curiosity, hope...
and seeking to be the change

Only now that I'm older and wiser,
I don't seek to be
as much as I refuse to let me stop myself
from doing the things
that I know nobody else is going to do
because no one else has this voice,
this passion,
this knowing,
this grace,
this curiosity,
this unfailing knowing
that we might,
we could,
we know...
we must...

we are the only ones that can
make a difference

and if we need a hero,
we must find her amongst ourselves

which means we have to each be one