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In yet another effort to allow myself space to paint, I am participating in 516 Arts' Albuquirky Little Houses Silent Auction on May 2.

My house design was dreamed, so it's a bit odd... even for me.
The roof is the sky full of stars. The home is the color of the New Mexico sky. Part of it, three sides, looks like a normal house. But the back side (at least in my world) is a double arrow blessing symbol. The more subtle arrow is from the ground to the sky, in sky blue. The red arrow, passing from the sky through the chimney and bouncing back into the house from the side edge, is a lightning bolt of Source energy, decorated with gilt gold, venetian glass, turquoise, mother of pearl, and tiger's eye.

This tiny house is a house blessing, from my architect's heart to yours...
May the person who calls it home find that it is filled with the essence of everything that makes them feel safe, loved, and cared for.

Blessed be.