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My little love train... the three chimps on the right.

So every weekend, hubby and I go to the ABQ BioPark for a walk one morning. Some weeks we go to the zoo, and some to the botanic gardens. I especially love springtime with all the new flowers and plants coming back to life after a long winter's nap!
The last time we came to the zoo, about 3 weeks ago, I sat down next to the glass at the chimpanzee  habitat, and within about 2 minutes, one of the chimps came over and sat RIGHT in front of me, leaning up against the glass, as if it were sitting "in my lap." I put my hand up against the glass and just sent it love from my heart to its heart. I just sat there with the chimp, hanging out, and looking it with love every time it would look back to see if I was there.  People kept stopping and taking photos becuase it was obvious the chimp was sociable with me.
THIS time, when we went, it was a few more minutes of sitting, watching one guy bask in the sun, and one chimp rest in a half-nap on the rock. About 5 minutes later, I watched one of the older, greyer "guys" slowly amble over, pretending not to care I was there. And then he came and sat about a foot in front of me, with his back towards me, like the one had previously some weeks before. Within 2 more minutes, a younger chimp, maybe the one I sat with before, came up and got between me and the older guy, and sat right up against the glass, with its back to me like it was in my lap, and spooned up on the old guy's back. It would look back at me from time to time and I'd hold my hand against the glass and just send them all love. Then, another one came over and got in front of the older guy and they made a little train of one in front of another, hanging out with me, and I hope, feeling the love I was sending them. Then, the baby chimp came over and sat with its mama, who was a few feet away from us, and wanted to nurse and take a nap. So they went ahead of the other chimps and napped. And the rest of us just sat there and hung out for about 5 minutes, before I felt bad for my hubby who was patiently waiting, and got up to go, saying goodbye to my new buddies, and heading out to let the visitors who were patiently waiting to try and have their moment with them.
Hubby and several other guests pointed out that I was in all black, as I tend to be, and maybe that's why I seemed pretty safe. and I'm fluffy and loving and I'm pretty sure they picked up on that too.
I really don't care what the reason was, I just know that every time I go to the zoo now, I'll be going back there, to try and find another minute of connection with my new friends. ♥