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On 1:25 PM by Rachel Preston Prinz in
it's like mother's milk to me
my southern extraction
black and orange pekoe
brewed to perfection
dark and sweet
like a man or two that I have been known to love
and with enough sugar
to take the bite of of any heart aching sting
when i close my eyes and remember
this all started
on a hot day
with air thick like mud
where my skin felt at one with the river
running by but a mile away
my soul leaking into her through my sweat
feeding the mother with my own being
and like the taste of my wet...
ahem... (shame on you!)
it's better when I'm fueled by sweet tea
nourishing the world through succulence
soaking sweet wetness
now that's southern charm

Many props to my girls @HolisticCynthia @MagdahliaStudio @DanielleLaPorte
for the inspiration to start writing again! xoxo