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Sharing some of the internship assignments we give all our interns...

Here's the thing about the Sweets Catalog:
It is a marketing mechanism. It is a catalog that's not curated (a bit of a shame, really).
It is not as educational as it could be. Or as open minded. Or artistic.

However, it IS a great way to learn the first steps of spec writing.

It's easier to walk you through it and show you what I mean than explain it.
So here goes.

Your assignment:
1) Grab the green Sweets Index in the product library if you have access to that.

If not, go here.

2) Start a new document. Type the list. List all the divisions and all of their sections.



Yes, all of them.

this is an easy way to learn a difficult subject if you give it a chance.

3)  Select all and add a line (or checkbox symbol if you are a fan of boxes) in front of each line, so it looks like this:


                 00 61 00                Bond Forms

                 00 61 13                Performance and Payment Bond Form

                 00 61 13.13          Performance Bond Form

                 00 61 13.16          Payment Bond Form

                  00 61 16                Lien Bond Form

                  00 61 19                Maintenance Bond Form  

                  00 61 23                Retainage Bond Form  

                  00 61 26                Special Bond Form   

                  00 62 00                Certificates and Other Forms   

                   00 62 11                Submittal Transmittal Form   

Congratulations. Now you have the base of your specifications checklist.  This will help you know where to find, and place, everything you need for a decent set of specs. If you're stuck filing, it'll help that go by faster too.

We'll talk about what all these names mean in future posts.