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I believe that any doubts we have, any fears we possess... are fed by not having access to places like this.

the inability to find our own place of sanctuary... anywhere...

is directly proportional to the number of places both natural, and manmade... we have forgotten to build, or build access to.

We know our spirit seeks for connection to nature, to wonder...

to a natural way of being in relationship with the world, instead of fighting against it.

I believe we can find a way to affordably implement more and better dreams.

I believe it will allow us the inner space to actually feel, and maybe even embody... living within the miracle.

Designed space has the capacity to inspire without inflicting us with ego

- the heavy hand of the maker -

This is the challenge of our times:

To remember our humility and connection to Source energy.

And create spaces that inspire, illuminate, and allow.