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Some retreat designers were chatting about the El Monte Sagrado resort in Taos, and I chimed in...
"the best time is late May thru mid-summer for flowers in Taos. If you come, be sure to pop by the Overland Sheepskin company north of town. They have extra-beautiful wildflower gardens as well! Gardens are a rare treat in Taos... northern new mexico has some real food gems too. also, there are smaller B&Bs in town that are very special too. El Monte is better for large groups I think. They can be a bit shocking though, let's be honest... and exciting for those who are into it... there is one exquisite bungalow room devoted to a sortof sex temple. it'd be perfect for a tantric retreat. The spa is gorgeous, treatments done inside a kiva. But there are a LOT of real animal hides too. It's like a West Texas rancher and a haremgirl from Shagrila made a baby. in the best way. but maybe not for vegans.