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Sharing some of the internship assignments we give all our interns...

So one of our offsite interns sent in some photos of an assignment yesterday and it got me to thinking... I need to help these kids become awesome photographers!!!

The first tip I have is don't get cars or people in your photos if possible. loL! ; )
The second is don't get so far away you can't see the details of the building. Details are what we are attracted to!

Now, I'll leave the best of this for the professionals.  I went surfing and found some great lists of tips and tracks for better architectural photographs.

Here are the very best of what I found:

(For everyone)

(For people with D/SLRs and lenses)

Now, I have to place a caveat here: I take photos with my point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix or my fancy point-and-shoot Sony DXR-100. But, hopefully as you can see on our website here, some degree of skill makes up for the fact that I do not have a $3,000 setup. I only say this because I don't want you not having a sophisticated camera to stop you from trying to get great shots.You CAN get great architectural shots, even from your iphone. It just takes practice.

Here's your task:

Read all of the first three articles and the last one if you have a SLR.

Go out and shoot a minimum of 25 architectural shots of anything you like (even something that isn't actually architectural... but capture it from an architectural viewpoint.) Email us the best 5 photos in two weeks for comments!

Good luck!