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A friend in film suggested that I watch The Art of Storytelling sessions from Pixar in a Box at the Khan Academy. I have only watched the first three videos in the series thus far, but there are several great suggestions in there! Here's a link to the free class! https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/pixar/storytelling

Wall-E character from Pixar

Here are my favorite takeaways:
  • We already ARE storytellers. 
  • A story is really a sequence of events (narrative) that unfolds through time. It begins, something happens, and it ends.
  • To get good at storytelling, we should practice anywhere and everywhere: telling stories in front of the campfire, writing plays and novels and short stories, making movies, taking photos, and even tweeting each other. 
  • To make a story really come alive, put something into the story that talks about your own life and how you FEEL. 
  • It may take 30 iterations to make a story sparkle. Editing is essential!
And my favorite exercises:
  • Q: How did you start telling stories?
  • Q: Where do you get your ideas from?
  • If you are looking for ideas, write about the last time you... (did anything).